Modus operandi    

INBC will:

  1. Operate informally to provide an easy, visible means for helping the fight against bribery.
  2. Have no central organization or finances. If any person or organisation wishes to contribute to the fight, we would provide design material so that they can print stickers and/or visiting cards at their own cost, or pay for advertisements about INBC.
  3. Encourage organisations and individuals to print the INBC logo on their own visiting cards with a reference to
  4. Maintain a register of organizations and individuals who agree to the above commitment and who are willing to use INBC stickers and/or cards. This register would be posted and regularly updated on the website.
  5. Develop the web site to include stories of people who have achieved success while refusing to pay bribes. While they may have incurred losses in the process, they are nevertheless examples that show that not everyone does it, and that it is possible to get things done without bribes. These would counter the common refrains “everyone does it”and “it is impossible to get things done without paying bribes”.
  6. Seek associates through personal contacts and all other means
  7. Seek out like minded organizations and NGO’s – in India and overseas - to find means of co-operation in the fight against bribery, share success stories and learn strategies.
  8. Publicise its activities and progress through all forms of media
  9. Remove from the web site any associate or organisation found to be paying bribes. No other action would be taken by INBC.