Spread the Virus!  
We hate bribery! Most Indians detest the whole system of bribery which bleeds our time, efforts, resources and wealth to line the pockets of a tiny percentage of corrupt, controlling people. They have held us to ransom because we have not known how to fight the system. The bribe takers have had the upper hand because each ‘bribe-hater’ has been fighting on his own. But things are changing!
INBC brings the strength of a united voice and common purpose, backed by lakhs of people, to oppose any request for a bribe. We unite around a simple logo, which is spreading like a virus across the nation. Associates print it on their business cards and letterheads, and bribe-takers will groan when they see and recognise the logo. The more people who use it and stand with it, the more powerful it is. Our job is to infect people with the 'nobribe' virus.
  You can help spread the 'nobribe' virus if you, The Coalition  
  • download the logo: Available sizes 1500 X 1500 | 750 X 750
  • download the brochure, print them and give it to your friends
  • print the logo on your business cards, letterheads, publicity
  • ask us for INBC stickers which you can use on your existing business cards. We also have plain business cards with the INBC logo. These are all available free to associates.
  • use the Right to Information Act if you face any roadblock at any Government office.
  • email us at contact@nobribe.co.in so that you can be listed on the website
  • place INBC ads in local or national newspapers to infect more people. Ideas for ads are available with INBC
  • infect as many people as possible with the 'nobribe' virus. A simple email from you can be higly contagious. Click here to send one.
The India No Bribe Coalition (INBC) is a coming together of Indian businesses and individuals. A coalition is a group of people who stand together for a defined purpose, which, in this case, is to stop the giving and taking of bribes. Associates of the coalition will come from different business, social, economic and religious backgrounds, and are not required, or expected, to agree on other issues. Their only agreement is to work together to oppose bribery. The coalition will develop links to other groups that are fighting corruption and make common purpose where possible.
  Associates' Commitment 5th Pillar  
Not to pay a bribe of any nature
Not to ask another party to give a bribe on their behalf
Not to ask for a bribe of any nature
Not to receive a bribe of any nature
If you are in the fight against bribery we commend the work of 5th Pillar to you. [ + ]
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